Liz Aw: Are we human? (Text)

The early bird catches the plastic
with croaking voice it tweets a message

Apocalypse, Apocalypse!

Humanity, you make me sigh
can’t deal no more with your everyday-lie.

Oh, crown of creation, so power-abusiv
creating a reality which to face you refuse even if
your footprints show everywhere
obscure thoughts keep polluting the air.
Where from did you steal the right
to turn day into darker night?
You’re poisoning the rivers, creators of toxic float
who’s gonna rescue us since wer’re all rowing the same boat?

Humanity, behaving like machines disrespecting life
There’s so much need to feel, to rethink and to thrive.

Humanity, owners of big brains
why can’t you realize that nobody gains
as long as you try to feed
your hungry hearts with greed?

Oh, crown of creation,
behaving like a god full of hate,
you need to act love before it’s too late.

August 2019 by Liz Aw

(THE CROWN OF CREATION – Bilderserie, Mixed Media, mit Texten)