Pia Weninger: Living with Bipolar no. 2: It is – what it is (Text)

It is – what it is.


It is –
what it is.


A hole in the chest.


No feelings inside –
just bitterness.


Want to breathe in and out.
Something is holding me back.
Can not describe this emptiness.


What if –
one day –
you realise…
Sunshine on your face is no more bright ?


That the brise of wind feels like little knives –

stabbed into your body and mind.


You once fought –
for WhO You ArE…
Well – educated.
Open – minded.
Caring –
Just a human in its purity of being.


All of that stopped.
On one day –
you have started hating this other person inside of you…
WhO wants to just scream and let go.


The darkest black
you have ever seen –
is the colour –
of that other –
kind of being.


It is –

what it is.


You keep reminding yourself.
One day – it will be over.


Patience is the key –
to this non – wellbeing.
Just focus –
wait –
Because one day…
the hole in your chest –
will be filled –
with love and tenderness.


Created/Written by Pia Weninger.
Beitragsbild: Pia Weninger: WELTSCHMERZ, 2018