Pia Weninger: Living with Bipolar no 1 – A ballon realising its potential (Text)

Living with Bipolar no.1.

A ballon realising its potential

You are blown – up like a ballon –
flying in the sky –
with no idea –
what will happen –
right below.


There is no ground –
to step onto.
No light to look into.
Everything is loose.
You wonder –
„Where are the other ballons?“


Until one day –
out of the blue –
there is this colourful one *!*
It talks to each and every one.


All clouds are turning white.
The sun shines bright.
The ballon feels incredibly high up.


But – one day.
The sun does not rise,anymore –
birds do not fly,anymore –
the sky turns black.
The ballon is scared by loosing
its colour and its track.


This time –
it falls to the ground.
It is breathing in and out –
by realising its potential –
either, high up or on the ground.


Created/Written by Pia Weninger.

Beitragsbild: Pia Weninger: WELTSCHMERZ, 2018