Vortrag Ileana Pintilie – 100 Years Art in Romania

Ileana Pintilie Teleagă
100 Years Modern Art in Romania

Montag, 19. November, 18 -21 Uhr

Ileana Pintilie is an art critic and curator, professor at the Arts Faculty, West University in Timisoara, Romania. Her books include Actionism in Romania During the Communist Era, 2002 and the volume Mitteleuropäische Paradigmen in Südosteuropa. Ein Beitrag zur Kultur der Deutschen im Banat (with Roxana Nubert), 2006. She has also published Ştefan Bertalan. Crossroads, 2010 and Ştefan Bertalan. Überlagerungen / Suprapuneri / Overlappings. Experimental Photography between 1970-1980, Brumar, Timişoara, 2015, and a number of articles and essays on contemporary art in Romania and abroad in international catalogues and volumes as Performance Art in the Second Public Sphere. Event-based Art in Late Socialist Europe, Routledge, 2018.

Ileana Pintilie won a National Award for Art Criticism (1994, 2015). She curated numerous monographic and collective exhibitions in Romania and abroad, including Zone Performance Festival (www.zonafestival.ro) in Timisoara, Body and the East from the 1960s to the present at the Museum of Modern art in Ljubljana (1996), Shaping the Great City. Modern Architecture in Central Europe, 1890-1937, Kunstforum, Viena, Getty Museum, Los Angeles (1999-2001), Kontakt…Works from the Collection of Erste Bank Group, MUMOK, Viena (2006), Subversive Practices. Art under Conditions of Political Repression 60s – 80s / South America / Europe. Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart (curator for the Romanian section), 2010 and Paul Neagu. The Artwork as a Visual Hermeneutics, Art Museum, Timișoara, 2014 among others.